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Say hello to our eight-tentacled friend

I have a hard time believing that our octopus neighbors are of the mollusk family. I mean, they can change shape, color and even (in some species) opacity… they have brains in each limb, no bones AND, they can change size and shape at will. 

Can a snail do that? I think not!

So yes, I’m a bit obsessed with these little guys, and the big ones too. I love their shape and their attitude. They are curious, mischievous and ever so fun to draw. 

“Mindy the Mask Maker” design

As we witness the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and experience personal isolation, many of us feel helpless. The shortages of crucial medical and protective equipment for caregivers and medical professionals across the globe has highlighted that this truly is an issue that impacts us all.

We applaud the efforts of countless volunteers who have banded together to solve this problem in their communities, and have developed this image as a way to further galvanize the incredible community effort.

We Can Do It! Like Rosie Riveter, Mindy the Mask Maker is making a difference during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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