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“Mindy the Mask Maker” design

As we witness the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic and experience personal isolation, many of us feel helpless. The shortages of crucial medical and protective equipment for caregivers and medical professionals across the globe has highlighted that this truly is an issue that impacts us all.

We applaud the efforts of countless volunteers who have banded together to solve this problem in their communities, and have developed this image as a way to further galvanize the incredible community effort. Your purchases here will assist with supplying much-needed fabric, elastic, and other supplies that are needed to continue these efforts.

We Can Do It! Like Rosie Riveter, Mindy the Mask Maker is making a difference during the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you would like to specify an organization below, add their unique coupon code to your order, and profits from your order will be distributed to the organization of your choice.


Alaska Mask Makers — Coupon Code: ALASKA

Facebook page: akmaskmakers


Sew Strong Together — Coupon Code: SEWSTRONG

Facebook page: ferluknatfarm


Corvallis Sewing Brigade — Coupon Code: CSB

Website:  corvallissewingbrigade.org


Sparkly Elephant— Coupon Code: SPARKLY

Website: www.thesparklyelephant.com

Western North Carolina

Masks of Love — Coupon Code: WNC

Website: www.masksoflovewnc.org
Or donate directly: Donate to Masks of Love

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