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Branding Consultation

Grab a seat, have a cup, and let’s chat a little about your dream.

I’d love to learn about what drives you to do what you do. With thirty plus years of experience in the print, online and advertising world, there’s not much I haven’t seen or done when it comes to branding.

What are you looking to do with your brand?

  • Starting something from scratch?
  • Breathe new life into an existing brand?
  • Bringing two brands together as one?

Branding Your Company

Your brand is constantly growing and evolving, you need to have a set of goals that fit both the short-term needs as well as long term. I work with companies at the Executive level as well as upper management to keep the mission and vision in mind as we help to build a sustainable brand that truly embodies the culture of the company. 

Here’s how I do it:

Brand Mangement—Brand Development

Brand management is an often overlooked component of a brand’s life cycle. However, careful management of a newly evolved brand is critical to its success.
Internally, owners, managers and product and service providers may require education and training to foster the desired brand perception and to ensure the brand delivers on its promise. Externally, momentum and interest must be sustained to keep the brand’s personality vibrant while it becomes entrenched in consumers’ and partners’ minds.
I offer education, infrastructure, and communication enhancements to support internal brand awareness and understanding. I also offer ongoing advertising and public relations support to strengthen brand positioning with external audiences
I can work with clients to monitor and analyze brand performance over time to ensure brands maintain their integrity while continuing to meet consumer needs, responding to changing market conditions, and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. 
As I progress from the initial client consultation through market research and brand development, I’ll simultaneously build a communications strategy that will support the fully evolved brand. This strategy unfolds when the brand is launched or announced to both internal and external audiences.
Each communication strategy is customized to reflect unique marketing goals, the competitive field, consumer preferences, and budgetary constraints.
Creative launch collateral is designed for a variety of media and is carefully coordinated to distinctly position a brand with a consistent image and message. This integrated approach maximizes brand awareness, encourages acceptance, and stimulates momentum for optimal brand growth. This phase of brand growth is quite dynamic. My passion and creativity is fully ignited, and a new or reinvigorated brand begins to take shape while remaining open to exciting possibilities. I encourage collaborative brainstorming, and I stay up late refining the brand’s message and its visual appeal. At this point, I’ve adopted my client’s needs as my own and I’m swept up in the creative process of becoming.
Throughout this process, I am ever mindful of creating a brand that delivers on its promise. One that is fully empowered with a progressive branding strategy that creates a strong foundation for brand identification, acceptance and future growth.
At the end of the development phase, I’ll deliver several viable brand identities for consideration. My clients often find they have difficulty choosing between several attractive options; ultimately, clients fall in love with one, and an exciting new relationship is created. A strategic plan is the glue that puts all the marketing pieces together to support the big picture vision. It contains the marching orders for communications both internally and externally and should also contain a roadmap that clearly outlines the destination and methods for measuring performance against expectations.
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Market Research

The branding process begins with an in-depth consultation and market research to develop a customized branding strategy that guides brand development and positioning. I offer brand management and oversight to ensure our brands proactively address changing market conditions and consumer needs.

I also offer value-added services such as corporate visioning, employee education and training, and crisis management communications.

I believe that branding is a very powerful method for delivering messages and influencing behavior; therefore, I am careful to work only with organizations and businesses whose mission and vision are in alignment with my desire to create value and to promote positive local and global change.

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After immersing myself in the client’s culture, I continue my comprehensive review of the business environment. This may include internal research to determine the degree of organizational buy-in to the company mission and vision and any proposed changes. I look at consumers’ needs and perceptions and then review the competition to see how it approaches and attempts to satisfy these needs. I’ll also look at the marketplace in general for emerging trends and pitfalls.
When the research brings me full circle, I’ll have gathered the information necessary to identify our clients’ unique offerings and benefits. Upon request, I can prepare a strategic brief that identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Even without a formal brief, I begin to develop a customized branding strategy that capitalizes on strengths, speaks clearly to market needs, and differentiates the brand from its competition. 
While no two brands are the same, they do share a characteristic life cycle that, if nurtured at each stage of growth, provides a maximum return on investment. Our holistic approach ensures that the brands I create are resonant with my clients’ mission and vision, are relevant to the end user, and are built on a solid foundation that generates recognition, momentum, and longevity.
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