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Logo revisions for Amethyst Dental Care of Burnsville

The following designs are the second drafts and are not intended to be the final logo versions.

I have included different versions of the logo below. This includes a double-sided business card, envelope and letterhead. Again, these should be viewed as suggestions and can be changed as you see fit.


Different versions

I have provided the logo with the lowercase font as per your suggestion. You will see the full-color design, a set of single color versions and a reversed logo as well. In addition I have the icon by itself as well as the identity components for your consideration. There is a use of the icon as a pattern too.

Amethyst_Logo_r1_Identity cards

Next steps.

Let me know what you think about the designs. Please be specific in your feedback. Don’t worry about saying anything that might feel overly critical. I’ve been designing logos for over 35 years and have learned that honest critiques lead to stronger designs.

Feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at 828.777.3789. I look forward to refining the design and moving forward with the rest of your branding needs.

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